Beginning Friday, March 13th, CxC will operate completely online and will continue to support faculty and students in a virtual format. Contact us at for help with moving communication instruction online and any questions about CxC. 

CxC is deeply committed to supporting research-driven educational practices and initiatives. We offer several professional development opportunities that seek to develop communication across the disciplines. 
Please see Events for updates or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

CxC Institute

We hold a two-day CxC Institute for departments and faculty interested in creating a communication enhanced curriculum. At the institute, departments create writing and speaking outcomes and map their curriculum to identify existing strengths and opportunities for growth


Our workshops are customized and interactive. They address a specific topic or need, provide concrete teaching strategies and tools, and encourage conversation among participants. They are generally 1-2 hours and can be incorporated into retreats and meetings or held as independent events.

Curriculum Discussion Facilitation

We will assist your department as it undertakes curricular conversations and revisions by facilitating discussions during meetings, retreats, or other events. We provide assistance at any stage of the process, whether you are beginning a conversation or you are working on the details of a revision. 

Classroom Observation

We will visit your class to provide a low stakes observation of a particular teaching of writing or speaking practice. We then will have a follow-up meeting where we share feedback and resources to help you develop that practice or consider other possibilities. 


We support faculty members who wish to conduct research on the teaching of communication in their disciplines. This support ranges from providing feedback during any stage of the research and publication process to sharing resources from the fields of Writing Studies and Communication. 

Reading/Study Groups

We co-ordinate and facilitate the sustained study of topics relevant to communication across the curriculum. These groups meet for one or two semesters. Participants leave with greater knowledge of the topic as well as concrete pedagogical strategies and techniques.