Our people are our best resources, but these resources may provide you with some inspiration and direction to get you started. 

CxC Webinars

Putting Reflection to Work: Practical Teaching Strategies Part 1 
Putting Reflection to Work: Practical Teaching Strategies Part 2 

CxC Handouts

Putting Reflection to Work
Group Assignment Strategies
Communicating to Learn Strategies 

UNCC Resources

"Writing Intensive and Oral Communication Requirements Minimum and Best Practice Statements" for General Education approved by UCFC

Speaking Resources

Competent Speaker Speech Evaluation, NCA
Conversational Skills Rating Scale, NCA

Writing to Learn Activities

The WAC Clearinghouse, Colorado State University
"Integrating Low-Stakes Writing Into Large Classes," University of Michigan
"Write to Learn Activities," University of Richmond  

ePortfolio Resources

The AAEEBL ePortfolio Review (AePR)
IJeP International Journal of ePortfolio
UGA Center of Teaching & Learning ePortfolio (a database)